Monday, July 14, 2008

the OTHER upper-eastsiders

Meet the Darlings -- the other upper-eastsiders.

The empire builder (who is disappointed at his children but uses his bottomless well of resources to "guide" them). The sophisticated socialite (who was having an affair with the family lawyer). The principled politician (who is having an affair with a transexual). The professional divorcee (who's... should I really add to that?). The Man of God (who tried to bribe a court official in a custody battle over his illegitemate child, Brian Jr). And the well-behaved twins.

When Dutch the family lawyer died, Tripp wanted to hire Bill Clinton to take up the position but changed his mind. Maybe Clinton's not good enough for him, huh.

Karen went through with a marriage ceremony, but demanded an annulment before the reception was over. She is thrice divorced, so what's the big deal, right?

Jeremy plays poker with Ethan Hawke, and writes music with Justin Timberlake. Well, Chuck Bass, what say you?

Juliet is extremely close to her twin brother, Jeremy, and believes they can sense each other's thoughts and emotions through "twintuition."

Seth Gabel, who plays Jeremy Darling, is Bryce Dallas Howard's husband! I never knew that.

An ad for the show that went in the New York Times:


The royalties' here, bring out the dolla's.


quote me do: Dirty Sexy Money

Karen: Something was off last night though. It wasn't the same.
Jeremy: Mmm... Do Tell.
Karen: Well, usually, when Giorgio and I have meaningless post-divorce sex, it feels a little less meaningless. Like we're somehow...
Jeremy: ...planets whose orbits intersect every ten years?
Karen: No, just hornier.

Patrick: So, you shot me in the leg.
Ellen: I was aiming for higher.

Patrick: What's the matter, baby?
Carmelita: Sometimes it, sometimes it's kinda depressing. The only thing intimate that ever takes place between us happens in hotel rooms and limousines. Never in public.
Patrick: Doing what we just did in public is illegal in most states.

Karen: Sweetie, I don't think, I don't think Daddy wants you to take the plane again. Jet fuel doesn't grow on trees.

Head Reverend: The state board has decided to suspend you for six months, during which time you are expected to undergo counseling for sexual addiction and attend a series of workshops.
Brian: Who doesn't love workshops?

Juliet: A-ha!
Jeremy: What?
Juliet: You were just talking to her.
Jeremy: Who?
Juliet: Your secret girlfriend.
Jeremy: I have no girlfriend
Juliet: Oh yeah, then who did you spend 600-grand on Bulgari? Justin Timberlake?

Lisa: I can't buy shoes that cost as much as car insurance.
Karen: Lisa, honey, don't be so financially resistant, okay? It's just money.

Jeremy: So can I use your place?
Lisa: For what?
Jeremy: Well, this girl I'm into doesn't know who I am. She thinks I'm poor.
Lisa: What gave her that idea?
Jeremy: I told her I was poor. So I need a place that looks like a poor guy would live there, you know?
Lisa: Jeremy, we're not poor.
Jeremy: Those ants look pretty low-budget.
Lisa: Those ants cost 12,000 bucks.
Jeremy: Proving my point.

The show's vicious. Watch it.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

ken lee

anak ng. akala ko yung ken lee ang pangalan ng contestant hahaha! viktor krum nasan ka na?