Monday, October 11, 2004

hear hear


burtday po ni arlene ngaun kaya:

happy burtday!


at sa lahat ng meh burtday, Maligayang Bati!!!


Tuesday, October 05, 2004

it's decided: size DOES matter

i saw feng shui the other week(really, who cares?) and i'd say it was good, considering all the other movies my friends say are really good but turn out not so. i guess i just expect em to be beyond expectations, i mean who wouldn't?
take stepford wives as an example. nicole kidman was great, yes, but i think most of you will agree that the ending was LOUSY. it definitely was lacking some butt-kicking action.

enway, nagandahan talaga cguro kami sa feng shui so meh aunt bought a copy(pirated malamang! and you wouldn't believe what was on the cover -- puro photos ni kris aquino smiling & advertising leaonardo bags! there wasn't even a story preview, chrissake).
when we watched it na at home, i dunno, it seemed like it didn't bring out the desired effect, that same kind of spook i and the screaming-as-if-they're-being-murdered people in the cinema felt was missing. you'd normally think it was because of the way the cd jumped time and again (and again and again...) but then you'll also realize that the big screen does things to you that your idiot box(hey why's it called an idiot box? it's one of the brightest inventions i ever saw!) just can't. especially if it's one hell of a horror movie.