Wednesday, July 12, 2006

me loves ya maxx

waaaah. its like pourin outside and the fuckin picture is makin me tear up...

today is one nostalgic day. the weather seems to be in agreement.

i miss khristy big time.

shallow hal not

yeah well half of my plans came true. i did watch superman,, only it wasnt in any 8-storey theater. but at least it was in a normal one..
hullo to my date: MO! one helluva best friend...

bobbie described the story as pambata. i called it "simple but brilliant." what a verdict huh. i could be real shallow sometimes but the effects blew me off. you should also know that im not at all the type that goes for intelectual movies. well at least not all the time. i so looove "Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle", hands down ecstatic comedy dudes!

i also like watching chicks kick ass and and still keep their poise like it was no sweat they just waged war against a 15-member gang, ya know "Charlie's Angels" -- its the ultimate epitome of astig in my opinion.

yeah, no matter how shallow, no matter how over the edge of reality it all seems. all for pure unadulterated - or not - entertainment.