Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Harold and Kumar update!

Ok, so it won't actually be titled Harold and Kumar go to Amsterdam (thanks to Wikipedia for that tidbit), but still the idea of a sequel for the laugh-trip Whitecastle movie is enough to get me all agitated, hah hah. I'll keep looking for updates about this.

sidenote: Kal Penn was in Epic Movie. A really lousy movie. Really reeeally lousy movie. Think recycled Scary Movie (the movie came from the same producers and director, at least let's give them that) minus of course the appeal of originality (don't make me start on that Zathura-Jumanji crap). Plus, if you ain't a movie buff, you'll prolly have a difficult time keeping up with the spoofs and parodies because they just pop the screen in rapid gunfire succession.