Thursday, May 24, 2007

to: Assumpta Technical High School Class of 03

Hiya dudes.

I'm doing this post so I could get some news from all of ya, so click on the 'comments' link of this entry and start typing like you never did before:

Oh and, crucial details --name, location, and whatever it is you're up to at the moment(school, work, board exams.. the stuff)-- are not to be ommited please. Don't go anonymous on me now!

Thereafter feel free to put any of your kwentos, happenings, invites, greetings, curses and what-have-yous. So this'll be sorta like a bulletin board for our class, but not. ^^

Thanks people.

Monday, May 21, 2007

totally unrelated images

enrollment's just arount the corner

can't wait to see you guys...

don't need no caption

(from marie's friendster profile)

i feel so.
i want sumbody to say that to.
mush over.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


is almost over. how cliche does that sound?

yeah. a week more of school and were saying bye-bye.
bye-bye to (hardly)new teachs. i feel somehow lucky to have ramos and villa-something --im like real lousy with names, especially my professors names. yeah im a bastard of a pupil-- in my two summer classes. ones one of the best in adamson in terms of teaching, and the others extremely lax with us students(like she dismisses a 2-hour class in a little morean 30 minutes) and we end up still learning something from her.
bye-bye to (hardly)new classmates-slash-friends-slash-slash-slash. i so hope though that i see more of those people i rubbed shoulders, palms, fingers and whatnots with in the coming semester/s: maria(aka dolly aka max), faust(buldit), oliver, apple, ann, tracy. from lunch buddies to aussie accent tutors to partners in chem-lab-crime, all cool people ^^ (funny: i fuckin still cant believe my lab partners dint know that 'must have been' is a grammatically correct phrase. i had to sing 'it must have been love' just to prove to them i was right, for chrissake. the philippines is goin down to the dogs)
oh and bye-bye to them chemical formulas that i learned to appreciate overnight.


i did some excersise that dint make me lose half a pound or achieve a better build. although i do think i helped the country one way or another. i voted. plus, i learned one new thing: blasted ink really is indelible, i used to think people just made that up. moron attack. ugh.


its so hot the single airconditioners always on at home.
its so hot youd never catch me riding jeepneys anymore.
its so hot i sweat like a pig even after a shower.
its so hot i sweat even more in the friggin freakin fuckin chem lab on the fourth floor.
its so hot a girl in my class fainted in the same laboratory, landing on the floor with a reeally nasty thud.
its so hot its not funny anymore.
aah. complaining is so so refreshing.


people have graduated without me even knowing. i definitely lag with these types of news. anyway, i wanna say congratualtions and goodluck to yall: marie, ronald, diane, angelie (shit. who else in the group graduated, pray tell); richelle, richelle (yes, i actually know two richelles in this lifetime), jao. and sorry i dint come(to those who actually invited me) and see you someday in our 'adulthood'. an extra sorry (sincerely)to marie who requested a description of her to put in her grad book and i said shure and i never got to doing it. such an a-hole. im still figurin out how to mekkit up to ya. sooon.


goddamn. this show is good(please put as much american accent to 'good' as youre able to). emerald must be pissed off at me by now. i promised her to lend my copy but then again it wasnt MY copy at all so i kinda had technical problems with all that shit. soon ems. sorry. ^^
back to the program. last year, about september-october, i heard so much fuss about this up and coming show on nbc. the network promised it to be big, and it was. they promised it to be on a whole new level, and it was. you people have got to see the show. my whole(almost) family had a dvd marathon and almost skipped lunch. if the characters(and their abilities) dont get you hooked up then the plot with its twists and surprises will. think telenovela(minus the mush-drama) + x-men(minus the spandex costumes) + 24(minus jack bauer, hoho). so that combination might not really have an attractive product, but i am not overrating it. see for yahself. just dont watch it on rpn9 cause they cut way more scenes than desirable, in effect ruining the moment(im talking about ali larter doin a striptease for her customer huggerz over the webcam). oh yeah, hayden panettaries power is soo cool. or at least the power of visual effects is.


beware of dvds of new seasons of some shows. im talking about those that havent even yet started their tv showing in the united states. cause these piraters(china?) have a way of getting hold of their goods even before the network owning these shows make money with em. bad. and i am so hypocritical right now. anyway, just dont buy em yet if you dont wanna waste your bucks. my uncle bought 24 season 6 and i was greatly amazed he dint cuss the lord and the saints when we found out the disc only had four fuckin eppies. i was once scouring these illegal dvd stores and spotted a veronica mars season 3 that got me excited to the core. thank god i had it tried on a player first because i never will pay 65 pesos for nine episodes of veronica mars no matter how i love the show. dang.


this post is getting to be way longer than i planned buh i still have to write about anime. haha, go away if you dont like anime.
i finished 2 seasons of avatar, the legend of aang in like two days. its this show on nickelodeon thats really impressive. from the screenplay to the animation to the script. one factor that got me is that i dint have to read subtitles that sometimes tend to irritate me. but then again, detective academy Q is in japanese but i dint mind them subtitles. thass how good that one is. way better than detective conan. i really dig detective shit. and i am so running out of witty vocabulary i should probably end this entry right ----> here.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

playlist number 3

sit too soon?
was just bored.
great songs to pass time. ^^

i'm curious about ben jelen.
thas one nice track he got.
i think i heard him some before.


'I'm registered.'
At this time in the Philippines, that phrase could correlate only to one thing: election. Although seemingly, as heated as the coming election is, I tend to hear that phrase only faintly in the background, overshadowed most of the time with timid (but far too many to be anymore silent than a whale carrying a tune) voices outdoing themselves with reasons of sorts. Ever heard "Ha? Naku, hindi naman kasi ako na-inform agad eh, nung nalaman ko tapos na 'yung registrations." Or the slightly prouder "Like, duh. Like,it's so hot kaya outside! Like, who would naman wanna spend a whole day waiting in line, da ba??" (Have you ever encountered such redundancy of the word?) Thankfully, I have yet to hear someone say "Ba't pa 'ko magpapa-register eh isa lang naman ang boto ko. As if mababago nun ang palakaran sa Pilipinas. Punyeta, wala na tayong pag-asa."
The excuses we come up with to make up for our irresponsibility complexes.
I opt not to be much reactive to the first two excuses, due to the fact that I sometimes offer the same lame what-nots with the usual whatever. Just, please, exercise in your life even just a weeny bit of patriotism. Oh, and grow up, man (the same advice back at me? You bet).
The third one is probably the most nasty crime to commit during elections. It basically shouts out for all to hear how incorrect your idea of elections is. People bordering this line of thinking almost always have the right stuff in them but, alas, directs all that energy towards the (totally) OPPOSITE direction. I mean, politically motivated? Yes. Politically motivated to prosper? Um, not exactly.
I sure hope none of you guys who failed to register sports such (shameful? stupid?) excuse.
Remember that being passive will only carry you as high up as the tides will allow. Trying, on one hand, may not be enough to get you 'there', but on the other, will certainly push you at least a step closer.

Let's not give up on the Philippines. I'm NOT giving up on it, no matter how many times I say I want to get out of it (who's to blame? The weather is just wicked hot). Kudos to you all who will vote (wisely) a week from now.

Toodles ^^

Friday, May 04, 2007

bye bye

It's already over

if I stayed here

I'd only make you cry.

It's already over

We can't move forward

So let's move on...


i find i move on way too easily.
nut that bad a thing, zit?