Thursday, April 26, 2007

playlist number two

Fuck art. I’ve gotta get out of the basement. I’ve gotta see the world. I’ve gotta make a difference!

- gerard way

where now..
oh right,
why don't i start the entry with my most recent playlist then, although i am not entirely sure if these tracks are particularly 'recent'. enjoy em all the same.

i don't love you has been my unbeatable favorite now for ages. im seriously considering it better than under pressure. like, the song makes me remember what-nots and what-have-yous until now im unable to identify. thats how great i think the track is. you gotta love mcr. and lets not forget that gerard boy who sings his heart out im queer for him. lol

im not too fond of nutini, i actually think hes some sorry ass loser who i confuse repeatedly with james blunt(whos just as hateful). these streets aint that bad though.

ben folds five. now thats art. brick is one of those subtle songs with great great lyrics ive learned to love the band for. i fold.

i didnt even know who nerina pallot was until this song. its not surprising cos she has that sorta voice youd basically call average, the kind youd most likely forget after 6 other songs were played in your station. not to mention, sophia was nowhere near an inkling for me as the title of that track. whatever happened to plain old pronunciation of names?

bowling for soup. i could just scream! when we die is actually slow and serious in comparison to their usual upbeat, quirky and irritatingly word-rhyming tracks. i could just scream again!

look after you. the fray. all at once is better than this un, but, really, ANY fray track is good enuff for me.

i havent heard a dashboard in such a long time, but when i heard stolen and found it way impressive, i forgive them for not keeping in touch. i am such a forgiving person. damnit.

ill prolly end it here, but theres just so much id like to tell. coming up:
heroes, 24, avatar, dds, heat waves, sorries, graduations, exercising your rights, dang i wanna be a radio dj, summer classes, new teachs, new friends, new???

keep rawkin.
whoa. that dont even sound like me.


dead cold for morran a month just dont do it some for my writing career, do it now? the thing is, all throughout the friigggin 3week break from school, ideas and quirks worth of starving kept poppin, and each time, it was second nature for me to like mentally word my entries. and they were fuckin perfect.
but now tha im seated here staring at the monitor like its sum entertaining episode of heroes, i cant remember shit. nuthin. man its frustrating.

there. now least ive written(try skipping the tt when saying that. sounds perfect.) something to warm my fingers up.
ill cum back to yall.
give me 30.