Tuesday, December 14, 2004

when nobody hears you scream, i'll scream with, you'll be safe here


i think i just fell in love with this song!





hear hear

and MARIE and DANNY BOY!!!


the 5-m tall window

a ball, dropped from rest, passes a 5-m tall window in 0.5 s. what is the height where the ball was dropped??



you'd think it was an easy enough question, but no. @%#*&$!!!
i might go to jail if id say what i want to really say now -- so im not telling. but i do know(and can say here) that my highschool physics teach totally wouldnt approve of """different interpretations of the problem""" whatsoever. duh. of course. its PHYSICS not PHILOSOPHY, dude.
and then theres the sentence construction issue. our comm profs would be utterly revolted if they heard her, im just sure. and whats with her talking about common sense??? id rather have none if it was only to be bent and broken by the likes of her. and for clarification: THERE IS SUCH A THING AS A 5-M TALL WINDOW.
thats it. im going to jail.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

im back.. and i dont know why

after, what, a full month of playing dead, im here again.. alas. ive nothing much to say right now, just that.. ive missed posting here.. yeah, so much. kahit tinatamad ako madalas.. ill try to continue this thing... well really, who cares?

random thoughts


what i dont understand is why im feelin so bad now when i know it was idea i could have just denied the truth and lied now why am i the only one standing stranded on the same ground


Monday, October 11, 2004

hear hear


burtday po ni arlene ngaun kaya:

happy burtday!


at sa lahat ng meh burtday, Maligayang Bati!!!


Tuesday, October 05, 2004

it's decided: size DOES matter

i saw feng shui the other week(really, who cares?) and i'd say it was good, considering all the other movies my friends say are really good but turn out not so. i guess i just expect em to be beyond expectations, i mean who wouldn't?
take stepford wives as an example. nicole kidman was great, yes, but i think most of you will agree that the ending was LOUSY. it definitely was lacking some butt-kicking action.

enway, nagandahan talaga cguro kami sa feng shui so meh aunt bought a copy(pirated malamang! and you wouldn't believe what was on the cover -- puro photos ni kris aquino smiling & advertising leaonardo bags! there wasn't even a story preview, chrissake).
when we watched it na at home, i dunno, it seemed like it didn't bring out the desired effect, that same kind of spook i and the screaming-as-if-they're-being-murdered people in the cinema felt was missing. you'd normally think it was because of the way the cd jumped time and again (and again and again...) but then you'll also realize that the big screen does things to you that your idiot box(hey why's it called an idiot box? it's one of the brightest inventions i ever saw!) just can't. especially if it's one hell of a horror movie.

Friday, September 24, 2004

hear hear

download mukung ambaski nanu da reng


saka Balsong && Liwanag sa Dilim

salamat Ö


i dunno..
i just feel like posting this song. basahin nyo!

Ba’t sila’y nag-iinumang masaya
Bakit sa lupa magulo
Ba’t sila’y nagtatawanang malakas
Tinatawanan lang tayo

Di kayat isang tropa lang sila
Ang Demonyo, si San Pedro at ang Diyos

Tinatawanan lang ni Hudas
Ako’t ikaw
Tayong lahat

Balita ko’y nag-away sa inyo
Dahil ba sa penoy at balot?
Nag-debate, nag-talo kung sinong tama’t totoo
Pinag-awayan si Jawo

Sana ay mamulat ang matang bulag
Na i-isa lang naman ang Diyos

Tinatawanan lang ni Hudas
Ako’t ikaw
Tayong lahat

Sana ay mamulat ang matang bulag
Na i-isa lang naman ang Diyos

Tinatawanan lang ni Hudas
Tinatawanan lang ni Hudas
Si Satanas
At ating Diyos Ama

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

random thoughts


haven't you wondered how when you were a kid you were so sure life was way more difficult for your age? young as you were, you felt like the world's toughest problems(chemistry project, permission for a slumber party, your report card(for chrissake!)) were raining down on you -- and raining quite harder than you could handle.
and now, looking back, you suddenly realize that life back then didn't seem to be as petrifying as you thought. that it was really just simply.. simple. well, at least compared to the NOW.

just don't be surprised. because THAT cycle is going to repeat once more. or twice, thrice, million times more. one day, in the near or farther future, we will think back to today and continue asking why life couldn't be as easy as before. --sigh--

Saturday, September 18, 2004

bobbie burtday

it's bobbie's kaarawan tomorrow!
and hermione's too!


Thursday, September 16, 2004

what is this, a book review?!

Tuesday night.

The kind of night when you just couldn't think of anything worthwhile to do, and knowing you'll be bored to the bone in no time.

So there i was, on the look-out for a (hopefully entertaining)book to read.
Since i didn't have much of a choice(there were about seven of them, half of which i would never read if they were the last ones existing, a couple other i've already read. what collection huh? but hey, they're meh aunt's), i picked up the one left -- The Notebook.
Yep. The one with the recent movie version.
I was though a bit curious. Just the other day, a friend who read it right after seeing the movie commented it was good. Well, i just hoped it would be as good as A Bend in the Road.

Im not much of the romantic type, really. And the few romance novels i've read were all Sparks creations. A Bend in the Road - which i liked because of the embedded mystery(plus a convincing twist) - and A Walk to Remember - this one becos i liked the movie. I did start to read Message in a Bottle and The Notebook before but stopped. They got boring.
Or maybe I got bored.

neway.. i just finished the book kanina, and let me just say it doesn't "exceed expectations". i did have a fave scene though: dawn... and Noah was watchin the sky's slow shifting colors while kayaking... It was just magificently put.
I'm also amazed at how Sparks could detail a love scene without turning it the least bit obscene(harhar).

But(of course there's a but coming!)the best part really is how this novel depicts reality despite of the shortness & simplicity of it all. yes, most pages are mushy but they also didn't contain the cheesiness we see in telenovelas where the coincidences are just way out of control and popping in every space possible. im talkin bout: "No daddy dont kill him he's your long lost twin or watever!". Dont know bout you but i wouldn't consider that reality.

nuff said!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

bad luck


what a way to start things..

why was it that the day my 101 teacher started to lock the door to "keep out" latecomers was the very same day i arrived late?
i was pissed a bit more than usual because meh next class was(is) mamyang 5:30 pa! that makes it a 5-hour break -- hell, then why am i complaining? -->sayang kasi ang lesson(woohoo! plastic!)..
enway, meh teacher saw me and buti na lang she's extremely nice she let me attend her friday 101 class to make up. xempre ako naman was buttshy, xa pa un nag-offer eh!

moral of the story: never come to a class late if you were blessed with a REAL teacher(the ones who care, i mean).. do it for them and you're doin it for yourself as well.. plus, never ever piss them off! they're way scarier when mad than you might expect. ;p

...uh, if ever meh teach read this: sori po saka salamat dn..

so there... my first post speaks of bad luck -- can't help it! but i did learn meh lesson. i'm not about to be late agen(in 101 lang ha kasi nakakahiya ke ma'am), but that's still next tuesday, right now i gotta get some lunch!

later Ü