Wednesday, December 19, 2007


have a laugh!

no good deed goes unpunished

I watched Georgia Rule the other day. Yes, the one with Lindsay Lohan in it. But don't go making presumptions yet, especially if you haven't seen the movie at all. I think it quickly climbed to one of the better movies I've seen this year. It sure is one hell of a family movie.

Lindsay has some kick ass lines here. I couldn't find a script but damn, weren't they burned in memory.

Harlan (Garrett Hedlund): You have to go with me to June's school.

June is Harlan's girlfriend. They're both Mormon and they never had sex.

Rachel (Lindsay): What? Why?

Harlan: I have to tell her. It's the only way I can repent for my sins.

Rachel: (incredulous) Harlan, I gave you a blowjob! It wasn't even a date!

Georgia (Jane Fonda, Rachel's grandmother) looks faint after that.

Harlan: Thanks for breakfast Georgia. (rushes out the door)

Rachel: (sighs, looks at her grandmother) No good deed really goes unpunished.


This one's fun. Face Down was playing in the background too.

Grace (June's spy) and her clique taunt Harlan and Rachel. Rachel gets pissed and after chasing them silly with a truck, she gets out and storms to them.

Rachel: Hi. I wanna introduce myself. I'm Rachel Wilcox.

Grace (looks shaken): Nice to meet you.

Rachel: Look, I just drove here to tell you that Harlan and I, we're just friends now. Nothing's gonna happen again. I promise. Scout's honor. So you guys can go and do whatever it is you do, I don't know, have your summer fun. And tell June that we're apart, and even if we're not apart, nothing's gonna happen and whatever that's happened has happened already, so that's the end of it.

Grace: Fine. Then why don't you just go home and leave us all alone?

Wrong move Grace.

Rachel: OK, see, I tried to be nice. Let me put this in a different way, cause you're just not getting it right now. If you call me a name, if you throw something at me (looks at the other girls) EVER AGAIN!, if I see you talking to Harlan, yelling at Harlan, having anything at all to do with Harlan, I will find all of your boyfriends, and I will fuck. them. stupid.


Rachel" OK? Get it?

Grace touches her chest, nods weakly.

Rachel smiles, starts walking away.

Rachel: Thanks guys. Thanks for your time! Have a good summer!

Grace (to herself): I better pray for her.

No offense but I don't think I wanna be a Mormon.

Watch it and learn not to use the name of the Lord in vain the hard way. LOL.

Monday, December 17, 2007

whoa Christmas-y

this is weird. you should probably skip this entry if youre revolted sick with the phrase "'tis the season to be jolly" at the moment.

i went home to pampanga over the weekend, saw the tree, saw the blinking lights, and felt the sudden urge to listen to something light, something a bit whoa Christmas-y, yes. haha. i popped in a cassette tape (yeah, those from the eighties! kinda gives it a more homey feeling, you suppose?) with what sounds like a school-full of little children doing their too cute versions of the carols. better than those falsettoed and modulated voices of adults, if you ask me. i think i should also mention that i ended up singing with the kid choir while i washed my school uniform.

(cant find them kids choir on the innernet, sucks)

yepper. after about four years of.. not exactly dissing.. um, i guess, not caring.. yes, that is a more suited term, not caring about it, i find that i like Christmas again. told you twas weird.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bitch For A Day

Me and my thoughtless mouth. Boy, don’t I wish I had a bit more tact installed in my genetic makeup sometimes.


Setting: Upper floor, CS Café

Bitch (aka me): Asa baba si M, meh kasamang kaklase. Bibili daw ng donuts or something. Dalhin ko sila dito?

X, sitting sprawled in her chair like she doesn’t have a care in the world, looks up at me.

X (aka self-proclaimed Master of the Posers): Sige lang.

I walk back down to M and company. Smile like you mean it. Plan A is to bring them up for a hello then go. Mainly to avoid as much awkwardness as possible. I never like playing intermediary between two groups.

Bitch: Sa taas si X. Gusto n’yo umakyat?

A very short, very awkward pause.

So much for plan A.

I look to M, he is after all a friend of X’s. NR. As in insipid equals facework. A bit evasive, too, I think. Like something goes restless in his mind. I kinda figure he doesn’t wanna go.

Time for Plan B. Plan B is to say whatever shit that comes to mind.

Bitch: Marami sila sa taas eh, baka di tayo kasya. Sama na muna ko sa inyo mag-donut.

I’m good with white lying most times.

We walk. They eat. I’m not a fan.

After bugging ate tindera of donuts and a few random LOLs, I go back to where X is. I tell her about how M was a bit on the unresponsive side a while ago when I asked them, him specifically, to come up see her. They had a bit of a fall out earlier this semester; I think she’d like to know. Then, she goes all agitated. Score one for my big mouth.

We get up, still talking about M. She throws in a few threats of what she’d do to him if fate brings their paths across again.

X: Naku, wag lang nya ko aayaing mag-lunch. Tatablahin ko talaga sya.

The best comeback I could manage for that is a nervous laugh.

I try to digress from the topic, but fate is already spinning its wheels. And I have to say it’s got awfully great timing. Awful being the operative word.

We cross the Falcon Bridge and there he is. M. Damn.

I smile a big one at him.

Now, don’t run off misjudging me. I do like the guy. I spent my (minute) part in the previous conversation with X defending M. Or at least I tried to. I just kept my mouth shut mostly as X can be a piece of work when she wants to prove a point.

Anyway, M calls out to X, but X just moves along like she doesn’t hear a thing. Talk about MYOB.

I shake my head to X once we’re out of sight.

Bitch: Dapat sinoli mo na yung calculator nya kanina.

I meant it as a joke. M has lent her his calculator weeks ago and I keep teasing her to return it herself but she always refuses pointedly.

She digs it out of her bag and I start to panic. She makes the motion of going back but I tug at her bag and don’t let go. Score another one for my tactlessness.

I give her an incredulous look.

Bitch: You’re not serious? Uwi na tayo.

I pull at her bag but she doesn’t budge from her spot.

Bitch: Tara, uwi na tayo, next year mo na yan ibalik.

X: Ngayon na. Isosoli ko na to.

I sense a tantrum coming and with big eyes, I shake my head to her.

Bitch: No. *toot*, ano ka ba, blood pressure mo.

X: O, ayan, ikaw magbigay.

She tries to hand me the calculator but I say no.

Bitch: Joke lang yung kanina!

X: Pag di mo to binalik, ako magbabalik sa kanya.

Her voice is calm but she looks half determined and sorta half crazy.

Bitch: What? No!

I take the calculator. I get creeps thinking what would happen if these two meet now. M doesn’t strike me as the vocally passionate type, but still, I’m almost positive people will have something to look at if I let them settle their shit in Falcon Bridge, no less! especially now that X is hovering frighteningly close to her fight-like-a-real-bitch mode. By this time, my adrenaline is running around like a madman.

Bitch: Lammo, uwi na lang tayo! Ibibigay ko sa kanya to next year, promise!

X: Hindi. Ngayon na.

Bitch: Hinde, uwi na tayo. Next week isosoli ko na sya! Hahanapin ko si *toot* at ibabalik ko na sya, promise.

X: Akin na. Ako na magbibigay.

Bitch: NO! *toot*, don’t do this to me. You’re putting me on a spot!

X: I am not! Akin na, ako magbibigay.

I hide it behind my back and try a different approach. With what I hope is strong conviction, I act like I’m exasperated at her for being so silly to want what she wanted right that moment.

Bitch: Hinde. We’ll go home na. Ngayon na.

She just looks at me with no apparent expression.

Sigh. I give. I don’t think I was very much convincing anyway.

Bitch: Come on, *toot*, do this for me. Let’s just go home. Please?

She stops a second.

X: Nanggigigil lang ako sa kanya. Masusuntok ko talaga sya!

She sounded a bit desperate saying that. I look at her and I just know I didn’t anymore have a choice.

Bitch: Fine.

I go back to M in the bridge and hand him the calculator. He knows something is up and I hate being the one to talk to him about it. I’m no good with confrontations. At least with those that involve those wearisome little things, emotions they call 'em.

M is all confused the whole time.

I cut the visit short and give him an apologetic smile. I really think he’s a good guy, you know. I’m just still unsure what caused all this falling out. Maybe it was a whole series of misunderstanding for both parties. I don’t know, but I have this ridiculous question of why can’t everybody just get along?

I do know though which part of the equation I stand on.

I sneak up behind X and slap my hands on her shoulders heavily. I give her a dreary, tired smile.

Bitch: I was so your bitch today.

Monday, December 10, 2007

slow motion

I only got a few songs this time, but I really wanted to flood you with e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g I liked since the last playslist. I just had to narrow things down with (strictly) full length tracks. It ain't fun listenng to 30-second snippets, I tell you.

KT Tunstall is adorable. I heard this once in the radio and forgot all about it until I watched Grey's Anatomy's first season again. (What? It's not like it's a crime to do some re-watching when you're bored shitless. Add that up to the shortage of episodes all the good shows are suffering from 'cause of the writer's picket and I'm basically agonizing over it all. Damn, I'm impatient.) Grey's really has good songs. Well, some of them are.

Swallowed in the Sea is a beautiful track from XandY. Please know that I rarely call something beautiful. That might give you an idea of what I'm talking about here.

God, Boys Like Girls are starting to make a following. I hate it. I'm way too selfish. I want them all for myself. Ditto that for The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Your Guardian Angel was a pick of mine long before people trashed it to mainstream. Ugh. (Songs that're supposed to be in this list: Facedown and Hero/Heroine. Vewwy nice tracks.)

Slow Motion. Furrrrrck. I just had an orgasm. LOL

Jamie Scott, saw him on MTV. He kinda sounds like John Mayer when he's not falsetto-ing. I dig John Mayer. Like a grave. Dude.

MCR's Disenchanted is.. it just is. "It was a lie when they smiled and said you won't feel a thing." That's my shoutout in Friendster. Like you care.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

ube day, part 2

ube day

When I was deciding on what to wear to school this morning and ended up with this certain purple/lavender/violet/and-every-gay-color-related top, I was above more than positive I'll be the only person in the whole university strutting in the screaming color of the famed Philippine delicacy. But I'll be damned, there were about 20 or so guys and gals in shirts of a wide range of shades of the color I basically only figure as violet. I just had to point at one when I saw one and groan inwardly. Oh for the love of everything good. Did they really have to pick this day to wear that color?

People who noticed (and I like to think everyone did) threw comments in the air: "Makulay ata tayo ngayon?" or a rather sarcastic one: "Ayaw mag-violet?" Somebody actually said: "I like your shirt, fave color ko!" and even the weird: "Ang cute nung design, parang Hogwarts crest." It may have seemed amusing to me at the time, but I just had to reply to everyone who asked: "Hindi to violet -- UBE."


Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Leche yang SA sa CL16. Nabaliw ako sa kanya.

Una: Sinabi ko na ngang bukas na pasahan, desperado na 'ko at lahat, wala pa rin. Kamura-mura s'ya. Akalain mong makiki-save na lang ng sarili kong gawa (project sa DBMS) sa flash drive ko, naginarte na. Nagsuplada. 'Di naman kaputian ang ngipin. Leche.

So given na na disabled 'yung usb port sa terminal ko (actually, mas tamang term ata dun ay sira), at least man lang sana pumayag s'yang sa terminal na lang n'ya i-save. Ayaw pa rin. May network naman dun malamang, Computer Lab yun. Hello.

Pangalawa: Nakita ko si Marcelo, kaklase ko sa DBMS, naghahanap ng diskette. Bakit 'kako. Magsa-save daw s'ya ng project (one and the same) sa CL16 kasi 'di pwede and usb. What? Pwede pala ang diskette 'di man lang sinabi sa'kin nung SA? Peste talaga. Basag na ba eardrums n'ya kakasalpak ng headset sa mga tenga n'ya at 'di n'ya ko narinig nung sinabi kong desperado na ko?

Bili akong diskette. Buti tig-limang piso lang dun sa mga net shop na nagkalat sa San Marcelino. Pero 'wag ka, pagdating kong Cl16, walang tao. Asan na kaya nakipaglandian 'yung babaeng 'yun?

Pasok muna 'ko. Todo reklamo pa ako tungkol sa SA sa CL16 sa lahat ng nakikita kong kaklase. Tango lang sila. Sabi ni Isabel, isa ko pang classmate sa DBMS, dahil daw may phobia ata si SA sa memory stick, pwede daw magpa-print na lang CL16 basta may bond paper ka. So pwede rin pala 'yun? 'Nak ng tokwa. Anong part ba ng desperado na ko and 'di n'ya na-gets?

Naasar talaga ko. Sana man lang nag-offer s'ya ng ibang solusyon para ma-save ko 'yung project. Or at least man lang nagpakita s'ya ng pakikiramay. Kahit facial expression lang ok na sa'kin eh. Pero wala. Natawag pa s'yang SA, ang sama naman ng pakikitungo n'ya sa mga estudyante ng lab na 'yun. Mas mabait pa yung mga SA sa canteen no. Kahit mahirap trabaho nila, sila nangiti, nagtatanong, nakikisama.

Dun sa SA, don't act like you're above other people merely because they need something from you, because you're not. You are so not. Circumstances say I go to you now, but if it was otherwise, I wouldn't give a fuck if you burn in hell.