Thursday, April 22, 2010

for what it's worth, it was worth all the while

In life, there would be times when the unexpected beats the hell out of the best laid plans - or something to that effect. Now, I have known about this quote for forever but only truly figured it out quite recently.

Just about everyone in my thesis group didn't plan on doing the preliminary defense and breeze through it, but we did. I didn't plan on forming the strongest of bonds with them the few times we've brought the work to my place, but I did. I didn't plan on being surrounded by an overwhelming number of amazing people on graduation day, but I was. I certainly never planned on, nor even slightly expected, to be frank, my last semester in school being the best one in all my college years, but it is.

So, I guess what I'm saying is that the security of having plans, no matter how grand and intricate and prudent you design them, sometimes pales in comparison to the joys the unexpected brings.

Friday, April 16, 2010

hair and beef jerky don't mix

OMFG, there's a hair strand in my jerky! What is up with this day? First I am almost late for my job application exam EVEN after leaving home an hour and a half before call time, then I get a 25 out of 38 in that evil IQ test I had to sit (curse those shape sequencing questions), and now there's fucking hair in my food. Why does the world hate me?

(lengthier than most) PS. I'm in some fast food joint and there's a crying couple a few tables from mine. Like a literally tear-streaked-bloodshot-eyes crying couple. The guy shouts surreptitiously at the girl and then suddenly says solemnly, "I love you. Pero tuwing ginagawa mo un..." and trails off like he's too overcome with emotion to continue and I just want to grab both of them by the neck and throw them out the third storey window behind me. A little belligerent, yes, but, seriously, there's nothing worse than having to listen to a couple air out their dirty laundry while trying to fill the void in your stomach left by an unflattering IQ exam score with beef jerky that is bound to leave parts of itself in your teeth without you realizing it until too late. Well... OK, finding out there's hair from some unknown person's head in the jerky sure tops that.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No Badge Allowed

Gaano kakurakot ang Pilipino? Tuwing makikita ko ang isang notice na nakabalandara sa may bungaran ng mga bus sa Maynila, napagtatanto ko kung gaano talaga kakurakot ang mga Pilipino. "No Badge Allowed." Nakapintura. Nakabaybay sa mga plastik na letra. Permanente. Mahirap mabura. Kelan nga ba naging permanente sa atin ang pangungurakot? At kelan kaya ito mabubura?

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

not an editorial, but worth posting anyways

mahaba ito. prepare yourselves.

weeks ago, maam raqs asked if i could make an editorial for the team's newsletter. about the year the team had, its first year as an org, mga ganun. they needed it by 5pm that day. nareceive ko yung text 4:30. so in under 30 minutes (kasi hindi naman ako masyadong time pressured kay maam hehe) and what rules in editorial writing i could salvage from my distant days of technical writing in the past, eto ang kinalabasan (na sadly, hindi pa rin umabot ng deadline haha):

The CS Webteam started out in of 2007. Back then all it was aimed to accomplish was to put up and run the website for Adamson’s Computer Science Department. The team was a small group of students believed to be choice ones in the field. A group that had high hopes of making it. Two years later and a whole basilica of changes, the CS Webteam has been strapping itself with the necessary arms on its first year as an RSO. Faces were changed, rules were revisioned, new ideas were put to the table.

A lot of challenges has started hailing our way since before June when we finally got the thumbs up for recognition. It hasn’t at all been easy for anyone – from the adviser to the last person in the ranks – but the team, I should say, holds on. We may falter but we get right back up and promise ourselves to do better the second time around. Proof of that would have to be the continuous success of activities that the team has been organizing (and agonizing over) the last few months. They may be far from winning best event awards but we are proud to have been the ones that made them possible. Yes, we are proud. Of the achievements we made. Of the goals we met. Of the plans we continue making to better our fellow students. Lastly, of surviving the year that was.

A congratulatory pat on the back to everyone who lost sleep over this team. Keep on keeping on, CS Webteam.