Thursday, April 20, 2006

whoa! am back!

for good..? who knows...
only few more days and it'll be or, let me rephrase, would've been a full year since the last time i posted here. how unthinkable. illogical. cruel. mad. really, why haven't i been doing this stuff for too long a time??? well, it's practically pointless to say i've been busy because i've had what, like, six months vacation from everything that concerned school, church(?), work(??), outings, late night activities of a normal college pupil, etc. basically MY SOCIAL FUCKIN LIFE. yeah yeah i know.
enough ranting.

after living a bum's life, i, nah you're not imagining things, started work in SM Pampanga's dept. store. it was more out of reducing the boredom i was going through and would still have been going through for the next half-year or so if i didn't do anything useful at that point of my life that i decided to actually hit the mall and apply for a job. it was only after that that i kinda liked having a regular income to boast about heehee. sino nga ba naman ang di mukhang pera sa mga panahon ngayon?? (quoted from the coolest supervisor in the treasusr dept. :p)

right now, i am living my last week of being a CUC. my job, idiots. what's a CUC? good question. it's the most stupidly easy, leg-exhausting, respiratorily unhealthy, sculiosis-inducing work a person could have here on the planet. well except maybe for those people who dive into 'poso negroes' and stuff(everybody say 'ew'). i'm not exaggerating mind ya. i wouldn't suggest it to you if you were asthmatic or sculiotic or too intelligent(well in your case, you'd probably figure that out without ma help at all). i'd like to say all the walking and sprinting and half-running shaped my legs up nicely but nah they didn't. i still look the skinny bastard i was months ago - if not skinnier.

apart from the money though, the only thing that will probably stick with me when i get out of this mess are the people that i got to interact, make friends, and curse the superiors with. kidding. six months in a workplace such as a mall can show you a lot of things that you will most likely never learn anywhere else. i met workaholics, clowns, plastics, lazy asses, two-timers, personalities(well, i didn't actually meet them hehe), bitches and assholes, good friends, fake friends, friends for the time being, lots of good looking people(!!), some not so good looking people, nice people, wealthy people, regular people, and regular customers. these people, whether they left a good mark or a bad spot on me, will be remembered no matter what. i may lose connection to each one of them, which usually does in my case alas, but memories stay.

on a happier note, i will be off to college again this june. suck on that, my alter ego! i'm back again, so see ya all.