Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I got this off of facebook today:

They say true friends

can go long periods of time without

speaking and never question their

These types of friends

pick up just like they spoke

yesterday, regardless of how long it

has been or where they live.

this one i got off of


- (1) people who are there to make you wet yourself at the strangest moments, preferably someplace awkward.

Me: *something funny*
You: *wets pants from laughing too hard*
Stranger: they must be best friends.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010


ignorance is bliss.

yeah, i don't believe this for one minute.

ignorance is bliss. you just don't know it yet.

now this i can definitely agree to. i mean, you can't truly appreciate not knowing until you actually start knowing. something that you are not aware of doesn't hurt you until you become painfully aware of it that you wish you hadn't been so hell bent on finding out what was going on. so yes, the quote is lacking it's most REAL part: ignorance is bliss. you just don't know it yet.

holler if you're getting me.

Monday, June 21, 2010

stupid places for rice refill and elmer's glue that smells extra good

The other day, I hit the mall right after sitting a job application exam. It finished at about noon so I figured I'd go munch and while away the hours before a job interview I was scheduled to have at 3:00 that same day (yes, at another company about 45 minutes away, and, yes, I like a hectic schedule.) I ordered some sort of misono-teriyaki dish at the foodcourt that came with free rice refill. I was thinking jackpot until I got my tray of food and set out to look for a seat nearby. Alas, nearby translated to 15 rows of seats away from the Japanese store where I ordered. The place was just damn too full of hungry people. I took my seat and never got up for refill. So much for jackpot.

I knew I had a lot of time to spare so I took dainty, dragging bites. Which, by the way, sucked gruesomely because I hated eating by myself. At 2:00, I decided I had time to dash to the supermarket to get new toiletries before heading out.

Two days laters, as I was grooming for (yet again) another interview, I opened the tub of clay I bought to put on my hair and... well, it wan't clay at all. The label said Fix Strong Hold and nothing else. I musta confused it with their clay product because they had the same packaging, but damn, this one didn't even say if it was gel, or wax, or what. I sighed and put the product in my hair anyway and it felt somewhat stupid. Like I just swabbed my hair with Elmer's Clear Glue that smelled extra nice. Maybe next time I should read the labels on stuff before actually buying them, no?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

the new CS Website is the definition of a w e s o m e

kinda cool knowing i know people like these. spread the awesome, guys.

check out adamson compsci website:

and the CS Webteam outdid itself with this new website's look. i gotta say, i miss being with the team. but i'm proud of all of you guys. props to all of ya!

Friday, June 18, 2010

can't decide which is better


or this:

one thing for sure: conceit is a self-fulfilling trait. *sigh of contentment*

mama ox bay

Monday, June 14, 2010

on blogs and being taken back

I have been running s t a r v i n g for 6 years now, on and off maintenance but it's all good. Nobody hangs on to every word I say anyway so I'm pretty sure I'm not disappointing anybody. And before you make something out of it, NO, there's no bitterness whatnot in that statement at all. Because, exactly like what the t-shirt says, "I dance to express, not to impress." Only, in my case, it's "write" instead of "dance" since I couldn't perform a twirl if my life depended on it. Although, curiously, I HAVE been asked once before if I was a dancer because of the way I was garbed. And that was in front of a whole assembly, mind. Anyway, I've put up another blog way back in '07 just for the fun of it. As of today it's got a total of 3 posts. One of them is just the lyrics to a song. How LAME is that? But no matter, I'm still keeping it. I'm sure it isn't just me who thinks so but it's fascinating to think of blogs as leaving your imprints in the world. Kind of like making marks in history - well, at least, YOUR history. Plus, it's very heart-warming to read the things you wrote in the past (no matter how sad or, in my case, disturbing the entries are) because you can't help but be transported back to that place when you wrote them. Reminiscing, I think, is the word for it.

This is the max syndrome, my other blog. I'm thinking of renaming it to mama ox bay - the best anagram of my name I could come up with.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

John Mayer in the PI

topic: John Mayer concert on 1st Oct 2010 at MOA Concert Grounds (open air venue which truly just sucks)

the actual prices from TicketWorld:

the venue:

the question:
the Php600 is not much of an issue. i wouldve gone for a bronze seat even, though i don't much like being sat down at concerts. but fuck if i spend over an hour standing around sweaty JM fans in a non-air-conditioned venue IN THE HUMID HEAT OF THE PHILIPPINES squinting my eyes hard just to see him perform because the distance of the general admission area from the stage leaves my vision of him no bigger than my thumb.

the decision:
it's gonna be fun! see you at the concert!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

it was fun while it lasted

it was naught but a fortnightful of self intoxication of half-complete words that are sensible only to 8086 computers compounded with bottomless cups of cafe latte and cold rootbeer, but now i find myself willing and wanting to experience the whole thing all over again. ampupu, bat ba ko nagiinglish?

basta. nakakahiya man na natanggal ako after only two weeks e masaya pa rin ang feeling at naranasan ko kahit papano yung ganung pamumuhay (at talagang pamumuhay daw.) shet nga lang dahil nakakamiss. mamimiss ko ang pantry (number 1!), ang mga exercises, ang pagdedebug, ang xor, ang macro, ang mga ampupung password na yan, ang mga patawa pag naaaning na, ang HAH! ang pagba-bypass, ang mga tao na nakasalamuha ko, ang elevator, ang scenic elevator (na wala namang kascenic scenic about), ung mga books, si manang, sila sir, sila kuya, si king, si nick, si doods at si mark. hay. pero ok lang. keep moving forward. that's about the best thing i got out of this whole deal, so cheers.

p.s.: willing po ako mag anti-spam, sa mga nakakarinig dyan oh