Monday, January 22, 2007

seeing saw

PreScript(if there is such thing):
my gran had a mild heart attack early in the am last friday. she was discharged from the hospital yesterday, sunday. im worried. i dont really pray but i love my lola so i guess i can make exceptions for her.
Get well Lola.


i have waited long enuff. finally watched bloody SAW 3 last night.

bollocks (i had to mention bollocks after bloody, of course).
not what i expected.
friggin disappointed.

i guess that happens when you expect too much from a film, especially if its predecessors did good in the trilogy movie population thats consuming the big screen nowadays. i wonder if the harry potter series will set the trend in the near 20XX for 7-part movies? now, dont start.

the story was sabog. although i saw the attempt at making it the conclusion/resolution of the series. i appreciated the flashbacks cause they reminded me of why i liked the films in the first place. btw, saw 1 is bloody brilliant. saw 2 is just smashing! i really thought, or rather hoped, that dina meyer (kerry) was gonna be like, the major character (cause i really liked her in birds of prey)but, no, they had to plug in a new one. that jeff shit character is very VERY annoying, i must say. i cant fuckin believe hed stand there for minutes and then finally decide that hed save his enemies when its already too fuckin late. at least dr. lynn was convincing. you gotta love the part where she cut open jigsaw's skull to perform an operation -- all by herself! it had me on the edge of my seat more so than those other stunts: the twisting limb machine was great, nice nigga acting there; the hook or bomb situation was also a spectacle, you could see the skin rip with every hook he pulled from his bod; the freezer room was a big whatthehell?. duh. duh-er if you please; and the pig grinder whatev was just... gross. no other word for it. ew.

the stunts reminded me of another trilogy which has a very nice first offer, an are-you-fuckin-kidding-me second installment, and a bold attempt to reason things out with the third. familiar with CUBE? major major suggestion from me to you. that is, if youre not yet puking with my review of saw 3. wink wink.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


now playing: if i am - nine days

excerpt: The answers we find are never what we had in mind
So we make it up as we go along
You don't talk of dreams
I won't mention tomorrow

i wasnt really that of a fan of nine days. i knew this song for ages and it wasnt exactly what idve called spectacular. but there are times in life when youre heavily feeling a particular emotion and then you hear a song that smacks right through your veins. hits the spot. makes you melt. makes you crumble. takes you high. takes you somewhere. takes you there.
perfect in every sense.
and so it goes.

i so dont want to ruin the moment but i cant help writing about my neighbor (im in a computer shop) watching a live performance of some group that sounds eeriely like the used (im hoping againt odds theyre not them!). the lyrics got me when it screamed something like: "My cock... is bigger than yours. My cock... is bigger than yours. It can even walk thru that door." LMAO!!!! talk about polar opposites of what i just said about if i am! the only way that would hit the spot is if you were horny as hell haha!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

bastusan na


i have never felt more angered. i am still unable to process the fact that i got a 72 in ITF (when my chem grade was 88. yes, chem, the same class where i almost dozed off just yesterday). somebody shake me something fierce because i am so not over it. no, not after you gave your speech. not after you made us all take our phones out and compute the grades ourselves. not even after you identified yourself as a certified bitch. oh, i could never agree more. bitch. throw in pug too, and fat-ass, and crap-face. hey, has no one ever told you that the dark circles around your eyes are so dark and huge they would've mistaken you for a dalmatian? rude? please. i am being polite now, trust me. because if i wasn't, you'd probably read shit here that would make your mother die of heart attack. or at least make your dog throw up like mad and your cat eat its own shit. man. pardon my attitude. i am only trying to get back to you in the worst possible way i can think of right now. hell, i'm not sure i'm even thinking straight right now. i keep zoning out. mostly just to plot the best revenge that would not get me in trouble once i managed to make you eat dirt.

after that little speech, please don't think you got to me. because you did not. not even close. and don't you ever talk to me about responsibility again. i know for a fact that YOU did not mention anything about printing that stupid resume exercise. YOU lousily lost our test papers and then YOU twist shit around so that it's suddenly our fault(!) YOU rarely show up to class, at least our class, and when you do come to, you're late like hell. need i mention our class is 11 in the freakin morning? can't you step up a bit for christ's sake? is your fat lazy ass too heavy for you to lift? and please, plase do not use your other classes to reason out your laziness. ESTUDYANTE MO RIN KAMI PUTANGINA. is that fact a deal of a shocker to you? god. you are worse than Tabuloc. i swear.

i am not average, i tell you. i am not ordinary. i am not regular. i am not just anyone. i personally made it a pledge to make you see, bitch. you are so going down.

fuming sincerely,

Friday, January 12, 2007

in between years


sbeen what, a fortnight since pig year began and im greeting shit only now huh. that and the fact that ive been online for times more than i could count this past week or two. i feel crappy. but im happy im bloggin again!

last year:

:: the new potter book's official title's out! sounds weird to me though --- "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows" ...sabog ka rin ba ngayun JK your highness? kiddin. love that gal.

@@@ edit: deathly hallows nut deathly hollows. tnx em. :p

:: axis' cds introduced me to another side of the music scene. say CAT STEVENS, THE WONDERS, THIRD EYE BLIND (although i was a fan before already, i just now realize their words), SINEAD O'CONNOR, TORI AMOS, PRINCE(?), BLESSED UNION OF SOULS... not to mention to a very angry pov at the rising tide of covers today. damn. rip offs haha!!

:: i actually saw a judy ann santos movie in the cinema! wow, thats called achievement. in fairness to her, i laughed my ass off at some of her antics.

:: went to the department store. took a detour too! i dint want nobody that worked there seeing me. complications and all- that- crap.

:: watched the full second season of COLD CASE. i just gotta have that freakin fuckin awessssome soundtrack baby! ill trade that for sex, anyone? haha!

:: dvd marathon -- 10 minutes of every waking hour. my eyes probably need glasses now.

:: went to church. and no, i was not scorched!

:: khristy had her birthday. hope she was happy. see you in march, cant wait. :p

:: my younger bro bought himself a pokemon series dvd. I finished the 64 episodes in less than 5 days, staying up til 2am at times. i always liked that shit. i lose about a quarter of sensibility when im trying to get hold of what i want haha!

:: took in a lot of unsaturated fat. christmas is food anyhoot. hope me blood pressure dont soar that high.

present year:

:: freakin exams the first week we're back in school! $#%@*!!

:: mo lost his credit card in G4. no sweat. he woulda lost his atm card too if i hadnt seen it lying face back in his garage's pave. okay, now panic. he really should keep track of his stuff.

:: my professor finally took care of my not being enrolled in his subject. now those are the kind of teahers we should all have. so good samaritan of him. sana kunin na sya ni lord. hekek

:: nyahaha! i got a 91 in the society prelim exam and i dint even review that much. talk about maximum profit, minimum effort. team rocket style.

:: angel let me in on a secret. you're the man. no proof needed. heh heh.

:: fuck i have an 83 grade???? whats the deal man??? i gotta do betta next time. ace em, ace em all!

:: oh. my. god. MANNY POOHKYAW is hysterically funny! search youtube for clips of him in homeboy, wowowee and wazzup wazzup. i know, so ghetto, but you are fuckin gonna fall off your seats lauging your asses off,, i still cant get over that misplaced fridge!

lots more happened, but right now ive starved myself to write this -havent had lunch yet- so ill see you soon fans!