Saturday, December 05, 2009

no way i'm taking this lying on my back with legs spread open


why can't i just get rid of this blog?
three things: i never open my friendster at all anymore; i still wouldn't create a facebook account; i try my best to stay away from yahoomail (cause they got freaking IMing embedded on it and i just dont like talking to people who talk back to me) - all tha shit and i STILL keep coming back to this page. i see an alert on gmail that some internet stray left a comment on one of my posts in starving and i get all grinny (that's a word i invented btw). everyFUCKINGtime. and then i go and delete the message because i wanna see the comment in here just for old time's sake and lo and behold, the comment goes:

and then i go WTF?! that blows on so many levels. damn. at least i guess i should be glad it isn't some ad for erectile dysfunction pill or something. yeah. that and the fact that this series of assholean comments left on my precious precious blog somehow made me want to come back here and defend it from substandard assholean terrorism. ahh. assholean. i really am back.