Wednesday, June 28, 2006

superman day today

yeah, and i really wanna watch it in mall of asia's newest hugest grandest I-MAX theater. what advertising huh?
im not sure if its true but ive heard somewhere that the screen is actually eight stories high. now where did i get that bit of info..since if you consider the height of the mall, isnt it preposterous, really, to fit something as huge as an eight-storey building in something approximately half the size?? ..or maybe i just heard mistakenly.
the point is, its a whole new promising experience, ainnit? plus: its something to brag about to those who havent yet watched something on such screen. hehe..

about superman. someone from Kerygma(yeah, i read that thing believe it or not) quoted that Brandon Routh was/is(?) in Gilmore Girls. im not exactly a fan of the show but i have never never seen him anywhere there in the times that i did come across it on tv.. a fairly new actor(its my first time to hear his name), so his acting prowess is yet to be seen. i do hope he possesses some.
now Kate Bosworth is another isssue. ive seen her in Blue Crush, and on some movie, or tv shit, that eversince i learned she was going to be lois lane tried to recall but proved to be a futile attempt. anyway she was goood. and charming.
although the reason solely why i want to watch superman is because of the friggin trailer. im counting heavily on the special effects bacause of it. you know that part where superman was shot in the eye with the firearm merely inches away from his face and he didnt even blink(!)was -- astounding. astig. as in.

so whats left to do?! off to the cinemas pipol!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

next stop: AdU

adamson has got all kinds of teachers.
and when i say all kinds, i really do mean ALL kinds.
Unlike in UPM where most are just too toxic for you to feel comfortable relating to(no offense), professors in here are more of "mellowed down" with concern to intelligence -- a positive thing i daresay, because it makes students a bit more able to catch up to whatever they are trying to relay to us. in my first week, ive seen so far a couple of teachs who are all too drastic and particular about attendance, one who could easily be a stand-up comedian in some sing-along bar(i have the feeling she could sing well too!), a normal one who taught likle we were in high school-- a fact which i think a lot are grateful for-- but eats his words whenever speaking english so most you will ever hear is jumble, one whos decent enough to warn us to be watchful about his comrades on matters involving blackmail, bribery, extortion and of course, sexual molestation. some i havent seen yet because they havent bothered to show up since tuesday (its now friday, mind). Oh and lets not forget one who spills jokes and one-liners --however disgusting and disgustingly corny they are-- in his every other sentence. credits to the teachs-- an amusing week i had, to say the least.

one more thing about adamson that i find so weird is how and where they placed their corridors, aisles, hallways, walkways, pathways, passages, and staircases. you wouldnt go a dozen steps without coming across one, and mind: one that is not awkwardly built(like makeshift scaffolding wielded around a building like a very narrow belt made to look like a porch), or one that doesnt look like an "eskinita". at least its always a surprise to find out that there exists such a shortcut that will enable you to come to your next class faster and more effortless than the original way. although i am not at all sure if its "safer".

more about the university:
i was on my way to my first evironmental science class which according to my schedule print-out was to be held at ST 403. ST was a building easy enough to find, but room 403? i cruised the fourth floor hallway (which by the way was an open hallway like one of those wrap-around porch) and noticed that the rooms all comprised of laboratories. science laboratories, not the computer labs im used to. worst was, not one of them said 403. actually none of the rooms even started with the number 4, but rather something like lab 1, lab 2, etc. i was starting to lose cool since i was already about 5 minutes late. and so i asked a nearby psych/chem/pharm/i-dunt-really-know,theiruniformslookedallthesame student and pointed me to a passage that led to another wrap-around porch into what i assumed was the very back, very top of the building. wow. no place else can be more like timbuktu.

a short one about the students:
whoever did start calling the other "classmate"????!!!!
i dunno, it just sounds pretty weird to me that everybody, and i mean everybody, is using it. imagine alien invasion. ew.

so. after a full week of running around from building to building to get to classes so as not to be late, after being eliminated from the running final exam exemption because i didnt attend the first meeting of Theo 1, after finally fixing my schedule what with all the hanging petitions and very late subject inclusions, and after all the hussle and hassles you could possibly take on a first week of a new school,,,
well, im just happy i survived.

sign off.