Saturday, April 14, 2012

boom! says rihanna

Shit bricks, Battleship is friiiigin awesome! It didn't matter
that the cinema we were in last night was worth trash because their projector made the film
jumpy and coarse and all over the place
 that it left scene transitions looking like they're from a badly edited indie movie.
My friends even reckoned some parts were cut
- and not by the director.
Not to mention the movie blanked out right smack in the middle when things were getting real good and we were all just
hanging in our seats.
"We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we are still preparing the next roll," or some sort of bull was said by the anti-joke chicken of a voice over. Freakin face palm!
Anyhoot, all the shite was worth it. I really liked that one long shot when their ship sank - brill! Also, Rihanna had knockdown lines that she always seemed to say whenever something cool was about to happen. Oh yeah, it's two-thumbs-up awesome. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

sino ba naman kasi ang makakalimot na may poknat ka sa ulo

Nung huli kong pagpapagupit:

Barbero: Anong gupit mo?
Ako: Ganun po (sabay turo sa katabing customer na katatayo lang at super clean cut ang gupit.)
Barbero: (tingin sa buhok ko, waring nanghihinayang) Sure ka? Ang iksi nun.

Before After

Ako: Oo, kuya. Maiba lang, hehe.
Barbero: OK. May poknat ka ba?
Ako: (blank stare kay Kuya) Ano yung poknat, kuya?
Barbero: Yung, ano, peklat sa ulo. Yung di na tinutubuan ng buhok.
Ako: Ahhh. Wala naman po.
...after 10 mins ng panggugupit...
Barbero: O, bat may poknat ka dito? (sabay hawak sa may likod ng ulo ko)
Ako: Eh? (hinawakan ko din. Dafuq, bat ako may poknat sa ulo???)
Ako: Ah! Tama, kuya, gumulong pala ko nung nagba-bike last year, haha, nakalimutan ko, sorry.
Barbero: (sa isip isip nya siguro, "ay, tanga lang?")

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pro Bending

Oh yeah, the Avatar world also has a sport of its own, watch out Quidditch!

Here's a link of Bryan Konietzko talking ablout Professional Bending or pro-bending - a promising new story element in the April-14 premiering The Legend of Korra series. And here are some great photos:

although i think this one is not an official logo/poster

the intimidating arena

team avatar

pro bending action

wish i was there

Thank you korranation for all the wonderful updates. You guys who aren't member yet can sign up here!

Monday, March 19, 2012

on dying

                     It is good to die before one has done anything deserving death.

So my boss's cousin died last Saturday, god rest his soul. Pneumonia caused by meningitis, the doctors said - something that I had to look up because I'm just no good with medical terms. The guy was 22, barely out of college, and from what I gather, was far from sickly.  So aside from the whole water in the brain thing, what's got me stunned most was how fast things went down. Feverish for two weeks, coma for the next few days, and dead by Saturday. Where's the fair in that? I mean, how is it that somebody as strapping (I've seen his pictures) as a 22-year-old could end up in a morgue in less than a month without being in a brutal accident of some sort? How scary is it that the same things could happen to anyone that you care about and you won't be able to do something to stop it? They say that the lord giveth and the lord taketh away. How selfish he must then be. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

if you give me the chance

I'll be the man who would memorize your favorite song
just to sing it to you when you're feeling down.

All you have to do is tell me what it is. 

Friday, March 02, 2012

lessons only 9gag can instill in you... wait what?

broaden your communication skills and vocabulary with statements like:

* one does not simply ... [insert verb phrase of something you disagree of doing, e.g. go to church]

* epic [insert subject that you think is (a) incredible or (b) a total fail or (c) both] is epic
e.g. epic kid 

* awesome [add subject that you think is...well...awesome] is awesome
e.g. awesome graffiti 

* bitch please, ... [show someone up by saying something that is awesomer than what the person you're talking to just said]
e.g. hd pikachu

* dafuq did i just read?! [appropriate when what you just read seems incredible/far-fetched/racist/sexist/*ist]
e.g. vampire derpina

* forever alone [form of self-deprecation when (a) friendzoned or (b) valentine's day]
e.g. relationship or just look in the mirror

* lvl: asian [use when astonished at all sorts of magnificent-slash-ridiculous feats done by, you know it, asians]
e.g. or it could be giant fingers?

* lika a boss [use when feeling particularly boastful about something, no matter how great or trivial or stupid]
e.g. oh yeah, i want one

* that awkward moment when ... [and proceed to describe in detail how you shit your pants in elementary school]

only in 9gag. Y u no read my blog??? and don't say you came here to say that!!!