Friday, March 02, 2012

lessons only 9gag can instill in you... wait what?

broaden your communication skills and vocabulary with statements like:

* one does not simply ... [insert verb phrase of something you disagree of doing, e.g. go to church]

* epic [insert subject that you think is (a) incredible or (b) a total fail or (c) both] is epic
e.g. epic kid 

* awesome [add subject that you think is...well...awesome] is awesome
e.g. awesome graffiti 

* bitch please, ... [show someone up by saying something that is awesomer than what the person you're talking to just said]
e.g. hd pikachu

* dafuq did i just read?! [appropriate when what you just read seems incredible/far-fetched/racist/sexist/*ist]
e.g. vampire derpina

* forever alone [form of self-deprecation when (a) friendzoned or (b) valentine's day]
e.g. relationship or just look in the mirror

* lvl: asian [use when astonished at all sorts of magnificent-slash-ridiculous feats done by, you know it, asians]
e.g. or it could be giant fingers?

* lika a boss [use when feeling particularly boastful about something, no matter how great or trivial or stupid]
e.g. oh yeah, i want one

* that awkward moment when ... [and proceed to describe in detail how you shit your pants in elementary school]

only in 9gag. Y u no read my blog??? and don't say you came here to say that!!!

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